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We were originally trained by Mycologist Dr Heike Neumeister-Kemp in conjunction with Murdoch University in 2009. We are also an accredited firm of IICRC (International Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certification).

We personally know the emotional journey from Mould Contamination as our family has lived through it ourselves. We understand just how devastating it is to be feeling so sick, to see your children and family unwell and feelings of frustration of not knowing how, to really get rid of it, looking at your personal belongings covered in mould, and constantly smelling a musty smell in the air.  The devastation as you watch your possessions be lost to the rubbish tip.  Toxic Mould can become such a stress in your life as it takes over your home.  

We have spent years educating and researching the harmful effects of toxic mould and health concerns to people and animals, we work closely with Australia's leading Environment & Ilness doctors on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney we are also affiliated with Australia's leading Environmental Mycology Labratories. If you suspect you have mould in your home, call our office today to book a mould assessment.

"Take Control of Mould before it takes Control of You"

Far to many people these days are falling sick from their very own home in which they live, sleep & eat, infact when you think about most people would spend on average a minimum of 100 hours per week inside their home, unfortunately with todays environment and other elements indoor air can become highly toxic from indoor air pollutants (mould & germs)which can leave you feeling very sick. At AMC Ozone Treatment we purify the air inside your home plus your contents leaving your home feeling and smelling healthy, fresh & clean!


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