POST Ozone Treatment & Mould Remediation

21 Nov 2015

Follow up Air Testing 4 months post treatment

Hi Meagan, that's all good. My health has continued to improve which is awesome :) Any time in the next two weeks would be good?
Chermside Qld
Hi Scott
We are very pleased to forward your results from recent air testing taken, some 4 months after our initial ozone treatment and mould remediation of your home.
These results show just how beneficial ozone treatment and mould remediation along with daily maintenance of your air with Inovaair, resulting in below detectable limits on our recent air test.
We would love you to share these results along with the initial air testing report carried out with your Doctor, so he also can see on a scientific level just how beneficial our process is when dealing with toxic mould.
Have a fantastic day and look forward to you ongoing improvement with your health!
Kind Regards
Meagan Clarkson
Office Manager
On 8 Sep 2014, at 7:38 am

That's awesome news Meagan!! Thank you :)



Chermside Qld