Ozone Treatment & Mould Remediation

20 Feb 2015

Hi Meagan

Thanks for sending these results through.  I'm not quite sure how to interpret them other than that there was a high level of mould in the house.

I meant to ring you this morning to say how happy we are with the house.  The air feels lighter, I can breathe better and the house is so clean!  We are still putting things away but it is like being in a brand new house and we are very happy to be home. Thanks so much for washing our sheets and towels too - very helpful indeed!

I'll liaise with the agent about the owners potentially buying a dehumidifier.  If there is no success there, we will get one anyway.

By the way, my naturopath will be calling you as she has a number of clients who could benefit from an ozone treatment.  She was very excited when I explained what you had done.

Many thanks to you and Andy.

Hope Island  Qld
Licensee Person
AMC Ozone Treatment