Post Ozone Treatment and Mould Remediation

21 Apr 2015

Hi Meagan and Andy,

So sorry it has taken me so long to do this email. Life has been full pace since moving back into the house. Organizing and installing new ceiling fans and I finally finished the washing Ha! And cleared a lot of stuff out of cupboards.

I have thought of you both everyday and kept reminding myself to email you, but at long last, here I am.

thank you sooo much for what you have done for me and my family and my home. We definitely noticed the difference and Henny too when he returned home. The air is cleaner and clearer. And my health has improved immensely.
Took a couple of weeks, although I did notice a difference straight up after moving in.
I have driven everyone crazy with, open the windows etc. Ha... 
We are organising to have the whirly birds put in in next couple of months and will organize a split system for living areas during this spring.
I do get a bit scared that the dreaded black will come back, but starting to relax a bit now.
So thankyou very very much for improving my health and making me happy. Would highly recommend you to anyone.
Please make sure you put me on your reminders for my yearly top up.
I also would like to say that you are lovely people and I felt like I had known you forever by the end of journey.

Caron xx 

Terranora NSW

Licensee Person
AMC Ozone Treatment