Mould Removal - Our Process

Step One  Mould (mold) Inspection to source why active mould (mold) growth is present in the home in the first place, locating any hidden leaks, ventilation or condensation concerns, moud (mold) air and surface testing can be carried out at your request at the time of  mould (mold) inspection.


Step Two  Ozone Treatment to kill airborne and surface mould, Our generators produce high levels of ozone gas and must be carried out in unoccupied spaces whilst ozone treatment is in process.  Our ozone generators have been tested by SGS  Switzerland– World leading testing, inspection and verification company in the world.  Amc Ozone Treatment, does not produce any nitrox ide or leave a toxic residue, it reverts to Oxygen Co2 once treatment time has completed within 1 – 2 hours.

How much Ozone Treatment is required? It depends on how contaminated the property is and how high the mould (mold) colony air levels are in the home.


Step Three Mould (mold) Removal from Property, furniture and Contents, we follow Australian Mould Guidelines with our processes by physically cleaning and removing by hepa vacuuming all surfaces and cleaning every surface, with no nasty chemical cleaners, 80% white vinegar and 20% water is the correct cleaning product for mould (mold) removal, this is a labor intense process and pricing depends on level of contamination and size of the property.


Step Four Carry out any Mould (mold) Air and Surface Clearance testing if requested.  Air & Remediation Treatment is now complete and you can return home and start breathing clean, light air as some of our customers describe their results!


Your home is under 24 hours treatment and remediation each day until fully remediated and free of high active live toxic mould (mold) spores!

For TRUE Mould Remediation - Large scale of mould growth appearing or really strong mould odour (musty smell) then thorough cleansing of the home and its contents maybe required, depending on the level of mould contamination, this sometimes simply cannot be acheived in one day, so don't be fooled if someone tells you your whole home & contents can be properly treated & cleaned in one day, it simply is just not possible when being remediated correctly.

Mould (mold) is everywhere, you never will have a zero count of mould (mold) in your home but to maintain good health these levels must be below or normal limit – WHO Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality.

To Maintain Air after Treatment

We recommend Inovaair Air Purifiers, they are quality built with 3 years warranty. See the benefits of Inovaair here.

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