Mould Treatment for Brisbane and Gold Coast Properties

Do you have a mould problem? Toxic mould can cause serious health problems and should NOT be taken lightly.

Property Inspection

Our procedure at appointment

At each property inspection, moisture readings are carried out on walls, floors and ceilings to eliminate or show water ingression issues. The air temperature, dew point and relative humidity is also taken at the property both on the inside air and the outside air. This is the first step in locating the source of the contamination.




Property Inspection/Assessment

Mould Assessment Includes Visual inspection, Moisture readings of Wet Areas, like bathrooms, toilets & kitchen to rule out any hidden water leaks, locate why mould is present including written quotation.

Full Inspection - Includes thorough inspection of every room, roof cavity, guttering/downpipes,drainage, sub floor ventilation, moisture readings, photo's & full written report 

Mould Testing - scientific analysis - written lab report providing you with all of the information you need to know about your property. We identify the genus (species) present, and find out how severe the issue is in your home, a thorough analytical report with callibrated testing equipment specific for mould capture, not just a report saying you have mould but telling you not much more than that.

Ozone Treatment to kill airborne and surface mould, bacteria and viruses

Why Ozone – Is an unstable gas turning O2 into O3 oxidising and breaking down all airborne & surface mould, bacteria (allergens), germs & viruses.
                         Reverts back to O2 (Oxygen) within 1-2 hours after treatment
                         Is the strongest commercial sterilant in the world, leaving no toxic residue
                         Ozone is a Green Technology – Eco Friendly!

Remediation mould treatment and remediation to remove all dead spores and bacteria from home and contents, by physically HEPA vacuuming & hand removing contaminants from surfaces with chemical free solution and microfibre cloths.

Clean Split System Air conditioner – Thorough pressure clean of mould, bacteria & dust from your coils, rollers, filters and hood, environmentally friendly, eliminates odours and saves energy 

Clearance Testing scientific mould testing and analysis, providing you with full written lab report

We take samples of the air with a scientific bio pump analyser using fresh agar plates, as well as surface samples on walls or contents, which will determine the exact species you are dealing with. 

Why is it important to do pre-testing and clearance testing?

Because there are thousands of different toxic moulds in our environment, it is very important to know which exact species of spores you have inhaled, ingested or come in skin contact with. Mould testing of the air will reveal which species are in the air prior to removal and will assist you with your health recovery.

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