Air purifier for high dust and chemical environments. Specifically designed for: pharmaceutical and scientific clean room areas, solvent removal for wide format and UV flat bed printers, laser engravers, mining sites, control rooms and hospitals.

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Key Benefits:

  • H13 HEPA 99.97% efficiency 
  • Interchangeable Filters
  • Ducted or freestanding operation
  • Lower energy costs with EC Fan
  • Highest quality components 
  • All steel construction
  • Create clean room environments
  • High capacity activated carbon filters for heavy duty gas, solvent and VOC removal

Applications: For high dust and chemical environments. Commonly used in: pharmaceutical, scientific laboratories, food production clean areas, solvent removal for wide format and UV flat bed printers, laser engravers, mining sites, control rooms and hospitals. 

Power supply: 1-phase 220-240V, 50-60Hz 

Power Consumption: 16-162 watts 

Operating Temperature: Min 0 ° C, Max +45 ° C 

Filters: Can be configured with H13 Medical Grade HEPA and or 14kg Activated Carbon Filters, with high efficiency MERV11 pre-filter cartridge as standard. 

Chemical filtration: Chemical filter contains 14 kilograms of coal or coconut based, virgin-grade activated carbon. (Other gas filter media types available upon request.) 

Superior pre-filtration: Technostat Bag filter. High efficiency @ 0.3 mircons with high dust-holding capacity. 

Motor Type: EC Centrifugal Fan (European), designed for continuous 24 hour operation (ball bearing maintenance free) 

Speed Control: Integrated Speed control with potentiometer or connection to pulse width modulation (PWM) upon request. 

Construction: Australian made, Dulux® Powder Coated Zinc Steel 20 gauge 

Fan Capacity: 0 - 1200 m3/h 

Connection: Intake and discharge single 200mm duct. Other ducting size options available. 

Installation: Mobile or stationary. 

Weight: 60 kgs including filters*.

Warranty: 1 years parts and labour*. 

Dimensions: 400mm D x 400mm W x 1610mm H (fully assembled).


Technical and other specifications subject to change without notice. 
*Weight will vary depending on filter configuration.

**Price may vary depending on filter and duct configuration; please contact us for exact pricing for your particular needs. Price excludes GST and delivery.