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Inline Water Ozone Generator XT-5600W Operating Instruction



Inline Water Ozone Generator XT-5600W

The XT series of ozone generators feature a patented method of creating ozone by corona discharge know as Xetin Ozone.The XT-5600W is meant to be connected to a 3/4 inch water pipe.
It is strongly advised to use an in line water filter in the water line before the XT-5600W. This will keep any sediment from reaching the ozonator.


1. Place the Installation Map on a suitable location of the wall for installing the unit on the incoming water pipe in the house.

2. Drill 4 holes according to the map, and insert Wall Plugs into pre-bored holes.
3. Drive the screw home, the screws are M6 with a round head, and leave a gap

of 2 mm between the screw head and the wall.
4. Hang the unit on these 4 screws. This will secure the unit on the wall.
5. Install the unit in the home plumbing system. Make sure all water screw

union connections are stainless steel.
Use 3/4” pipes, 900 elbows, shutoff valves and water filter to install the unit

in the main water pipe as shown on the Installation Illustration.
6. Three shutoff valves are necessary, the inlet and outlet of the water purifier

need to have isolation valves installed, and the other bypass valve is in-

stalled at the around the unit. The bypass configuration is shown below. 7. The unit’s water inlet is at the right hand side and the water outlet is at the

left hand side. Both can not be reversed during plumbing work.

8. After the plumbing work is complete, take two PVC tubes off from the desic- cant cartridge which is on the top of this unit. The two PVC tubes are on the right hand side.

9. Plug the power cord into a GFCI power outlet. The power indicator will turn on automatically.

10. Turn all three shutoff valves on and let the fresh water go through the unit, and then, open the faucet.

11. Ozonated water is automatically produced by turning on the faucets. Once the faucet is turned on; the water goes through the unit and triggers the flow switch to turn on the power to generate the ozone to produce ozonated water.

12. The maximum water flow rate is 21 Liters per minute, the minimum water flow rate to receive ozonated water is 13 Liters per minute. It is strongly recommended to use a flow rate from13 L/min to 21 L/min to obtain a proper ozone concentration of ozonated water.

13. If the water flow rate of the main water pipe is under 13 L/min, an additional water motor will need to be installed at the front of the water filter to accelerate the water flow.

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Installation Map

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Desiccant Cartridge
page3image34160976 page3image65368064 page3image65368256 page3image65368448 page3image65368640 page3image65368832 page3image65369024 page3image65369216 page3image65369408 page3image65369600 page3image34160752 page3image34161312 page3image65370944 page3image65371136 page3image65371328 page3image65371520 page3image65371712 page3image65371904 page3image65339392 page3image34161088 page3image34166912 page3image65340352 page3image65340544 page3image65340736 page3image65340928 page3image34167024 page3image65341504 page3image65341696 page3image65341888 page3image65342080 page3image34167360 page3image65343040 page3image34167136 page3image34168816 page3image65346880 page3image34169600 page3image65347456 page3image65347648 page3image65347840 page3image34160864 page3image34162992 page3image34163104 page3image65349760 page3image65349952 page3image65350144 page3image65350336 page3image34164896 page3image65351296 page3image34165008 page3image34168704 page3image65352640 page3image65352832 page3image65353024 page3image34165904 page3image65353600 page3image65353792 page3image65353984page3image65354176 page3image34165680 page3image65388544 page3image65388736 page3image65388928 page3image65389120 page3image34161200 page3image65390080 page3image65390272 page3image65390464 page3image65390656 page3image65390848 page3image34161424 page3image65391424 page3image65391616 page3image65391808 page3image65392000 page3image65392192 page3image65392384 page3image65392576 page3image65392768 page3image65392960 page3image65393152 page3image65393344 page3image65393536 page3image34165120 page3image34168928 page3image65395456 page3image65395648 page3image65395840 page3image34168592 page3image65396800 page3image65396992 page3image65397184


page3image65397376 page3image65397568 page3image34172064 page3image34167920 page3image65398720 page3image65398912 page3image65399104 page3image65399296 page3image65399488

Water Outlet FNPT

Water Inlet FNPT

page3image34176544 page3image34173856 page3image65401984 page3image65402176 page3image65402368 page3image65402560 page3image65402752 page3image65402944 page3image34174192 page3image34170944 page3image65374080 page3image65374272 page3image34171280 page3image65375232 page3image65375424 page3image65375616 page3image65375808 page3image65376000 page3image65376192 page3image65376384 page3image65376576 page3image65376768 page3image65376960 page3image34171504 page3image34171840

Water Flow Direction

3/4" Stainless Steel Pipe NPT

Main Water Pipe

Shutoff Valve

page3image34170832 page3image34170720 page3image34169488 page3image65379840 page3image34176880 page3image34176656 page3image34165344 page3image65381952 page3image34165232 page3image34170048 page3image65384448 page3image65384640 page3image65384832 page3image65385024 page3image65385216 page3image65385408 page3image65385600 page3image65385792 page3image65385984 page3image65386176 page3image65386368 page3image65386560 page3image34165456 page3image34164560 page3image65387904 page3image65388096 page3image65388288 page3image65290240 page3image65290432 page3image65290624 page3image65290816 page3image65291008 page3image65291200 page3image65291392 page3image65291584page3image34170272 page3image34164672 page3image65293696 page3image34161536 page3image34170160 page3image65294656 page3image65294848 page3image65295040 page3image65295232 page3image65295424 page3image65295616 page3image65295808 page3image65296000 page3image65296192 page3image34162880 page3image34163216 page3image34163328 page3image34163440 page3image65298688 page3image65298880 page3image34170384


1. Open the faucet to the largest flow rate or at least the medium flow rate. The power will be turned on automatically and ozonated water will be supplied from the faucet simultaneously.

2. Close the faucet to stop water. The power will be turned off automatically.

Controls’ Indicators

T Fitting

T Fitting

Bypass Valve


Water Filter

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Power Action

Ozone BD




Inline Water Ozone Generator XT-5600W


Warranty Information

1. The desiccant cartridge on the top of the unit should be replaced every three months by refilling new desiccators.

2. The water filter also needs to have its cartridge replaced every three months to six months depending on the water quality. To replace the water cartridge, first, turn off the two shutoff valves on both sides of the water filter, and then, replace the cartridge with a new one.

3. Once the water goes through the unit, whenever fixtures and appliances are in use, the LED indicators of “ Action” , “Ozone A,B,C,D” should be lit. If any LED is unlit, please call for service.

4. The outside of the unit is made of stainless steel in the high gloss grade. It can be cleaned with a moist paper towel. Do not us a cleaning solu- tion on its surface.

The water filter is an optional parts, it does not include in the unit.

Every Xetin Inline Water Ozone Generator XT-5600W is checked to be in perfect working condition before it is shipped, and is warranted from manufactur- ing defects for a period of one year.
AMC OZONE.will repair or replace the unit at our cost if a defect is determined to be from the manufacturing process.
This warrantee does not cover damage caused by misuse by owner. Shipping of the unit for service is solely the customer responsibility.
AMC OZONE is not responsible for any damages caused by the use, or misuse of this product.

Electric Source: AC 220V - 240 V, 50 Hz
Electric Consumptions: 0.23 Amp, 55 Watts, 2 A Protection fuses Water Flow Rate: 1260 liters per hour, 21 liters per minute. Concentration of Ozonated Water: 0.56 mg/L
Discharges Type: Corona Discharges, US Patented, No.: 5,502,346 Connection: 3/4” NPT
Dimensions: 460 (W) X 170 (D) X 600 mm (H)
Unit Weight: 16.5 Kg

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Inline Water Ozone Generator XT-5600W

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