Xetin XT6000S Ozone Generator

Eradicate mould, viruses, microbial growth, bacteria, and unpleasant odours! leaving no toxic residue.

(03 - Activated oxygen is one of the strongest sterilants in the world).

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5 Year Warranty and SGS certified - proven results, scientifically tested!

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Ozone is proven to destroy viruses on surfaces and in the air in 8 minutes (480 seconds)! 

The XT6000s generator is an extremely high output ozone generator. Output of 6000mg/hr of Ozone and an airflow rate of 107CFM (cubic feet per metre). 5 Year Warranty and SGS certification, this is a premium quality generator.

This means high shock treatments of Ozone can be used to effectively kill viruses, bacteria and microbial growth.

With lower output generators the parts per million concentration of Ozone is not reached and treatment is unsuccessful. Remaining live spores and odours may remain after use of lower output generators and begin reproducing immediately.

By purchasing a high output generator you will have the technology and power to maintain a healthy home or workspace at all times.

By following the correct usage protocols, you will be able to safely eradicate, mould, bacteria, viruses, smoke and other unpleasant odours quickly and effectively from the indoor air space and surfaces.

Great for use in your home, your workspace, hotels, motels, schools, day care centres and a multitude of other indoor spaces.

As Ozone reverts back to natural oxygen very quickly, usually within an hour or so, the area can be treated and back in business very quickly, with nothing but clean, pure air left behind!