Xetin XTB 360 Ozone Generator

Xetin Green Sterilzer Kills Covid19, Cordless ozone generator

Deodorization . Disinfection . Sterilization

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Xetin Green Sterilizer kills Covid19 and is the worlds first cordless ozone generator that generates an ozone concentration of 50 ppm.  Due to its compact size, this unit can deodorise and sterilize in a small space such as car, refridgerator, wardrobe or small room.

It can replace traditional products, such as chemical sanitizers and deodorizers and eco-friendly saving the planet from spray cans and jars etc.

Install a 3M High Air Flow Filter offers low initial airflow resistance while its unique microstructure and electrostatic charge provide effective particle retention to keep dust from entering the unit and to remove PM 2.5 particles.

The unit comes with a Lithium-Ion battery pack, powered by this battery pack making the unit run for an hour and 45 minutes. Also included is a high efficiency Lithium-Ion Battery charger.